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Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter, Blog, & Marketing Services Since 1995

"Can YOU imagine..."customized newsletters, blogs, marketing services

  • Staying in contact with your clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, peers, & associates on a consistent basis without having to do anything?

  • Having prospects and clients contacting YOU?

  • Having your marketing put on auto-pilot?

  • People contacting YOU to say Thank You?

  • Not having to research, learn, or keep up with the best, most effective marketing strategies?

  • Having the ability to add new content to your website every month... without becoming a writer?

  • Not needing to learn anything new?

  • And still having a powerful marketing strategy?

"Now imagine how quickly your business could grow!"

It's time to have a customized newsletter, blog, and / or marketing system for your companyÖwithout having to do it yourself.

When selling products and services, you MUST be in consistent and frequent contact with your current customers, clients, and prospects. This is known as "Building Your Fence." Your fence is designed to keep your clients and customers "IN" and the competition "OUT"!Dan Kennedy's NO BS Marketing

In the book, No B.S. Direct Marketing, author and marketing genius Dan Kennedy says: "My single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter. Nothing, and I mean nothing, maintains your fence better."

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Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Marketing, Newsletters, and Blogging Service!

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Auto dealer, professional coach, consultant, insurance agencies, attorney / legal, recruiters, staffing agencies, shredding companies, landscaping, veterinarians, financial, government, real estate, small businesses, and many more. Contact us today to see how we can put your marketing on auto pilot!

Customized Company Branding Newsletters, Blog Services, Article Marketing, SEO, Writing Services, Logo Design, Web Site Enhancements, Free Newsletter Template Design, and more. Your all in one marketing experts!


Gene & Gary,
 Thanks for the latest addition of your newsletter. I have been thinking of discontinuing this service. I didnít know if  I was seeing an increase in business results.

 I sent it out last month and had one person respond. It led to a $30K project. Seems to be of great value donít you think? 

Thanks- See you in Arizona at the TTI Conference!
 Whit Mitchell


Wow Jean Ann!
You must put a ton of time into each of these newsletters.
Well done!



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"Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters, Blogs, And Marketing Services!"
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